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1. Oxide Electronics, Circuits, and Displays
Low-temperature photo-activated oxide semiconductor/insulator flexible TFT & System
High quality solution-based metal chalcogenide semiconductors
2. Organic Electronics, Circuits, and Displays
Organic single crystal TFT arrays using selective photochemical activation & deactivation
Solution-processed organic & Meniscus-controlled large-area single crystals
3. Hybrid Sensor Arrays and Systems
Monolithically integrated solution-processed organic and inorganic heterogeneous sensor arrays
Hybrid approach for optical imaging and sensing
4. Fiber and Wearable Electronics Systems
Fiber-based electronics for wearable devices and system
Fiber-based electronics for wearable devices and system
5. QD TFTs and Displays
QD patterning for LED luminous devices
Flexible ambipolar PbS QD TFTs and circuits
6. Synapse & Advanced Memory Devices
Metal chalcogenide material design for synapse device
Electronic devices with metal oxide and metal chalcogenide heterostructure